•  Employment Opportunities at the Mancos School District Re-6

    Openings for 2019-2020:  

    Now accepting applications for a full time maintenance director.  


    1. Extensive knowledge in the area of construction and maintenance.
    2. Good communication and leadership skills.
    3. Enthusiasm for the job.
    4. Ability to lift heavy objects.


    The Director of Maintenance is directly responsible to the Director of Operations in all of his/her duties and responsibilities.


    1. Supervise grounds/maintenance personnel and lead in the repair and upkeep of all school-building facilities and grounds in the district. Establish and maintain a close working relationship with building custodians and their principals.
    2. Replace or repair any faulty, worn or damaged parts, appliances or components of school facilities or sites.
    3. Conduct a well-designed preventative maintenance program designed to keep breakdowns and school shutdowns to a minimum.
    4. Establish and maintain the proper compatible working relationship with all employees of the district.
    5. Keep an up-to-date inventory of all school owned parts, supplies, tools and equipment associated with this department.
    6. Provide prompt, courteous service when unforeseen problems or breakdowns occur, whether during or outside regular working hours.
    7. Maintain proper safety equipment in all schools, as required by law, through safety inspections - such as fire alarm systems, fire extinguishers, boiler controls, switch panels, etc.
    8. Set up periodic maintenance and lubricating schedule for all motors, fans, pumps, etc., in each building within the district.
    9. Keep accurate, up-to-date work order records for all servicing, parts, part costs and hours worked on each job. Give monthly reports to the Board of Education.
    10. Establish and keep a clean, orderly shop with suitable storage designed for tools, supplies and equipment.
    11. Coordinate snow removal from campus sidewalks, road, etc., when needed.
    12. Cooperate with other school personnel in completing jobs assigned by the Superintendent that are out of the Director of Maintenance's field.
    13. Coordinate Grounds Maintenance, i.e. landscape, weed control, upkeep on artificial turf & outdoor facilities
    14. Keep accurate records regarding the district's asbestos management plan.
    15. Follow the district procedure for ordering part/supplies.
    16. Operate within the budget guidelines and limitations as given each year.
    17. Other duties as assigned.


    Will be evaluated by the Superintendent in accordance to district policy.


    Dictated by location on the Director of Maintenance Salary Schedule.

    A teacher's license or a substitute certification from the Colorado Department of Education is required. A degree is not required for a one-year CDE Substitute Authorization. Please stop by the District Office for a Substitute Teacher Application Packet.
    For information on how to attain a CO Substitute Authorization go to:


    Must be available and reliable on short notice and enjoy working with children of all ages. Class B CDL required. We will train and take care of testing necessary to be licensed. Please complete a Bus Driver Application and drop it at the District Office or the Bus Garage.


    The district is seeking qualified candidates to fill in occasionally for support positions such as food services, paraprofessionals, administrative assistants and custodial staff. No certification is required. Please click here for an application.

    The Mancos School District RE-6 is an Equal Opportunity Employer
              The educational programs, activities and employment opportunities offered by the district are offered without regard to race, color, sex (which includes marital status), sexual orientation, religion, national origin, ancestry, creed, age, disability or need for special education services. 

    All positions require fingerprinting and background checks or a Colorado Teaching License.

    All positions requireSave the correct Mancos School District Application. All applications are available at the bottom of this page or from the District Office at 395 W Grand Avenue, Mancos. 
    Download a certified/licensed (teaching) application:

    MS Word document          PDF document

    Download a classified application (non-teaching positions, such as administrative assistants, paraprofessionals, food services, maintenance/custodial): 
    MS Word document          PDF document

    Bus Driver Application:
    MS Word document          PDF document

    Coaching Application:
    MS Word document          PDF document

    To view the FY20 Salary Schedules 

    Contact Heather McKie at 533-7748 for questions/information.
    Pick up applications at 355 W. Grand Avenue, Mancos.

    E-mail applications to: hmckie@mancosre6.edu

    Mail applications to:
    Heather McKie
    Mancos School District RE-6

    355 West Grand Avenue
    Mancos, CO 81328