• health care Affordable Health Insurance Available for Eligible Children 

         Health care involves more than dealing with emergencies. Regular check-ups can prevent many illnesses and catch others before they become dangerous. But most quality health care is expensive.

         Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) lets you take control of your families’ health care. Your children go to the doctor or get medicine when they need it, not just when you can afford it - and CHP+ now offers dental benefits and a prenatal program. Children and youth who are age 18 and under, not eligible for Medicaid, living in a financially qualified family, Colorado residents and U.S. citizens or permanent U.S. residents who entered the U.S. before August 22, 1996, are eligible for this plan.

    Eligibility for CHP+ is based on your family income. You also may subtract some expenses - such as child and elder care costs, insurance that you pay, child support or alimony that you pay, and payments you are making on current medical bills - from your total income. Even if you work full time, you may qualify.

    Brochures and application forms are available in the nurse’s office in the elementary school. 

    Student School Insurance

         The District will provide accident/injury insurance at a low cost to parents who wish to avail themselves of this form of protection for their children. Insurance is mandatory for extracurricular activities; however, this student insurance plan is an option for all. 

         See the administrative assistants for details.