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  • Our community should be extremely proud of its teachers. Plain and simple. We began this school year with a training for all instructional staff that was meant to prepare them to begin a journey into project based learning. The plan was to start the year by trying out the project they developed at the training in the Fall semester, and gradually work more project-based strategies into their daily routines. This was not a small ask, given the fact that project based learning is a significant shift from how a traditional classroom is run. I am beyond happy to say that our teaching staff has, in each their own way, taken the leap into creating a more student-centered classroom. 


    As our teachers have been learning how to implement PBL, so too has our administrative staff.  The second half of the Fall semester brought with it a lot of feedback that was solicited through surveys, questionnaires and interviews with staff and students. The feedback from that effort is currently being used to develop a short and long-term plan for our district’s implementation of project based learning. The good news, based on the experiences of other regional districts’ implementation of PBL, is that we are ahead of the game in our effort, and can now make a long-term plan that is incremental and manageable. If you have questions about what that process looks like, please feel free to contact me to ask them.


    Open House - Wednesday, January 22nd at 5:30pm

    On Wednesday, January 22nd beginning at 5:30pm we will be having our annual Open House event. This year will be similar to previous years, but with an obvious shift to more projects being exhibited from the Fall semester. We initially thought that we might make this a district-wide PBL exhibition night, but we realized that PBL exhibitions are best left to scheduling on a smaller, class or grade-level scale. However, we do plan to showcase the many PBL projects that were produced by students up to this point in the year, and it will be an exciting night to see the fruits of student and teacher efforts. 


    Science Fair will be on display! Students in grades 6-8 (elective in grade 8) gained an understanding of scientific experimentation and/or product engineering through the development of a research plan, data collection and analysis. Science Fair students have produced a research paper, display board and an oral presentation that will be showcased at Open House. The event will also include a baked potato bar that serves as the one and only fundraiser for the 8th grade Grand Canyon trip. Everyone gets a baked potato, whatever fixings they choose, a side salad, a dessert and a drink for $5.00. This trip is an incredible experience for these students so please help them get there!

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