1. What do Mancos School Counselors do? 
      We use solution-focused and trauma- informed approaches to support students with their social, emotional, and behavioral needs to optimize well-being and academic learning. We also provide school-wide social emotional learning curriculum 
    2. How can my school counselor help me and my student? 
      Your school counselor can advocate and collaborate with teachers, administration, and community partners to support you and your student in matters of emotional, mental, and behavioral needs. School counselors can also provide education and resources that may support you and your family. 
    3. When should I contact my school counselor? 
      You should contact your school counselor when: 1- There are big changes or events that happen at home or outside of school; these types of changes or events may affect your student in the school setting and we can offer support! 2- When you have a concern about your student’s emotions, behaviors, or well- being at home or school. 3- With questions regarding additional supports or types of support for your student within the school, or in the community (academic, emotional, financial, etc.).


    All communication with your school counselor is confidential in nature. Exceptions to this include: If someone reports they intend to harm themselves or someone else, if someone discloses the abuse of a minor, or if you give permission for us to speak with someone in order to support your family. 


    Primary/ PreK-5th grade: Leigh Dickinson LPC, SSP-School Counselor (970) 533-7744 x 201 LDickinson@MancosRE6.edu 

    Secondary/ 6th-12th grade: Alanda Martin LPC (970) 533-7746 x422 AMartin@MancosRE6.edu