Nutrition Services

    The Mancos School Cafeteria strives to provide every student with a nutritious meal based off of the National School Lunch Program's (NSLP) federal guidelines. Our skilled staff provides many home cooked meals.  We offer fresh fruits and vegetables everyday with a full salad bar offered for grades 1-12.  We look to source as many of our foods locally as availible. We are happy to announce that we have partnered with local beef producers and Lilly Figureua of Colordado Kunes Cows and Dustin Stein of Burke Beef Ranch to provide locally humainly raised beef.  This year we also featured Terra Sana Farms produce from August through October.  Terra Sana Farms has provided, lettuce, radishes, beets, tomatoes, carrots and apples that are beautifilly displayed on our salad bar daily.  

    Federal guidlines require each student to take 3 of the 4 meal components offered at breakfast and 4 of the 5 components to be offered at lunch with a minimum of a half a cup of fruit or a veggie required each day.  Milk is included in the meal but is not a requirment of the NSLP. Water is offered daily at no charge and salad bar is a daily option for students grades 1-12. Kindergarten is given limited fresh fruit and veggie options daily.  
    Meal service is provided to the preschool daily.  Breakfast and lunch are currently transported to the preschool each day and students are offered the same nutritious components that are offered on the regular menu as long as they are compliant with Head Start and NSLP PreK meal regulations.    Cost of meal plan is included in tuition.
    Students are welcome to bring a lunch from home, we encourage only healthy options and ask that you please do not send soda with your students.  
    A la Carte items are offered to students at the Middle School and High School ages.  These items must meet the Colorado Beverage Law and be Smart Snack compliant.  
    Please review our no charge policy as well as our policy on purchasing a la carte items.
    We use MySchoolBucks as our online payment option or payments can be accepted in cash or check form made out to Mancos School Lunch.   Links to access MySchoolBucks as well as our menu's dislplayed by Nutrislice are located to the right of this page.  
    Please come and join us for lunch and thank you for allowing us to serve your students.  
    Your Director, 
    Janet Fogel 
  • Meal Prices:

    Breakfast-K-12 grades $1.60 Adults $2.00 

    Lunch- K-5 grades $2.30

    6-12th grades $2.75

    Adults $3.75

    Reduced price meals effective for 9-12 grades only .40¢ 

    Milk only- .50¢

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