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    The Mancos School District Cafeteria

    The Mancos School District's Food Servies Staff
    Janet Fogel; Food Services Director, Aunnie Hurley, Mary Sena, Kacey Armes, and Kathy Zufelt.

            The Mancos School District RE-6 offers supervised breakfast and lunch programs. Students may either bring a sack lunch or purchase a hot lunch at school. A la carte items are also available for middle and high school students.
    All purchases must be prepaid. There will be no charges permitted. Students may prepay by the day, week, or month by cash or check, or pay online @  Please make checks payable to the Mancos School Lunch Program and present to the school cafeteria before school begins in the mornings or mail to 395 W. Grand Ave. Mancos, CO 81328. Payments, including cash placed in an envelope and sent with a student, should be accompanied by the student(s) name, grade(s), and amount(s).
    The School Lunch Program encourages parents and grandparents to come eat with their student(s). A copy of each month's menu can be found in the secretaries’ offices as well as on our website: www.mancosre6.edu by clicking "Menus" on the top menu bar.
                                                      Breakfast Prices (per meal)
                                                               All Students $1.60
                                                             Free or Reduced students $0.00
                                                                 Adults $2.00

                                                            Lunch Prices (per meal)
                                                        Elementary Students $2.30
    lunch tray       Middle/High School Students $2.75
                  Reduced Price HS Students only $.40
                           Adults $3.75

                   Milk  $.50/carton