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    While the momentum that we were experiencing last year before COVID came into our world has been slowed this year, there are still incredibly impressive projects happening in our schools. Our teachers deserve so much praise, not just for continuing to do their job under such uncertain circumstances, but for continuing to do it with fidelity and passion. I am excited to announce that we are currently working on a plan to provide our teachers with an opportunity to advance their PBL skills next month through a remote professional development course called, “PBL 201: Improving the Quality of Student Work” that is offered by Buck Institute, the same organization that trained our entire teaching staff in “PBL 101” a year and a half ago. This is a small token of appreciation for their hard work, and one that will help us continue to fulfill our vision of becoming a student-centered, project based district. 


    Current Projects


    Mancos Parks Trail

    You may have noticed a new sign, or “kiosk” frame that has been installed at the corner of Grand and Mesa. If you haven’t, please take a moment to check it out. Our shop classes fabricated this kiosk as part of the bigger “Mancos Parks Trail” project that has been ongoing since last Fall in which our 3rd, now 4th graders researched regional animal species, created artwork & informational posters that included the tracks/paw prints, and then painted those prints on our sidewalks. This final phase of the project will have 2-3 more kiosks built and installed in our parks by our students, with laser printed maps of the Town Parks Trail, displays of student work and information about the mission and future projects of Mancos PBL and the Mancos Trails Group. You should see the cases with these items up on the first kiosk very soon.



    Mancos Societal History Project

    Two of our High School students, Lilly Figueroa and Sophie Eschallier, have been hard at work on a project to compile, analyze and publish what’s known as a social history of our long-time families of the Mancos Valley. Ground zero for this project is our historical Cedar Grove cemetery, whose board has partnered with the girls to help make this happen. So far they have created a website where they are posting their research, which is based on interviews with local residents as well as the books and cemetery records that have been published by local authors. They are seeking more stories from our community about the family histories from the valley, so if you or someone you know is interested and has a story to tell, please visit their website at https://cedargrovesocietalhistory.weebly.com/ to contribute or just to take a look at their work. Another end-goal of this project is to restore the plot map at Cedar Grove cemetery using our laser printer to create a beautiful cedar board map. 


    M.A.R.S. Project (Mancos Amusement Ride Service) 

    In Mr. Archer’s geometry class, students used bumper car rides (tiles and rails with the construction of rides) to talk about area and perimeter. Students have learned about the area of trapezoids, triangles, and parallelograms. They learned about volume and surface area of rectangular prisms and pyramids. They then put everything together into an order for some traveling bumper car rides. They had to have three ride models that met certain parameters, a sign for the park and a container that had to transport the rides, sign and 10 bumper cars from place to place that could not exceed given measurements. They also had to determine cost based on numbers they used throughout the unit ($30 for tiles and $25 for rails) along with all of the math to prove they had met all of the order's needs. 


    The Blue Jay Recycling Project

    For a while there we lost our recycling bins for the town of Mancos, and many have expressed disappointment in this. Well, they’re back, thanks to the efforts of the Four Corners Recycling Initiative and some help from our Blue Jays! Led by senior Blue Jay Kylie Guiles, an effort that began last year to support, practice and educate the recycling effort in the Mancos Valley has returned. In addition to our own campus recycling, students have recently installed signage on 4 of the 6 large bins that circulate around Montezuma County, and a fundraising/educational campaign is underway to help support responsible recycling in our region. Look for a secure donation tube--which will be fabricated by our welding students--at the site of the large bins, and an informational newsletter in the mail this Spring to help educate and fund this effort. If you have any questions or wish to donate, please contact this email address: recycle@mancosre6.edu


    Virtual Open House! 

    Given the fact that we could not host our in-person event on January 20th, I am currently working to gather projects from this year to curate into a virtual Open House that will be available for public viewing later this Spring. Stay tuned for updates about when and how you can visit and explore some of the fine work our students did this year. 


    Please check out the Photo Gallery on the Project Based Learning page for photos of the projects mentioned. https://www.mancosre6.edu/domain/90

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