Mancos Parks Trail

You may have noticed a new sign, or “kiosk” frame that has been installed at the corner of Grand and Mesa. If you haven’t, please take a moment to check it out. Our shop classes fabricated this kiosk as part of the bigger “Mancos Parks Trail” project that has been ongoing since last Fall in which our 3rd, now 4th graders researched regional animal species, created artwork & informational posters that included the tracks/paw prints, and then painted those prints on our sidewalks. This final phase of the project will have 2-3 more kiosks built and installed in our parks by our students, with laser printed maps of the Town Parks Trail, displays of student work and information about the mission and future projects of Mancos PBL and the Mancos Trails Group. You should see the cases with these items up on the first kiosk very soon.