Mancos Societal History Project

Two of our High School students, Lilly Figueroa and Sophie Eschallier, have been hard at work on a project to compile, analyze and publish what’s known as a social history of our long-time families of the Mancos Valley. Ground zero for this project is our historical Cedar Grove cemetery, whose board has partnered with the girls to help make this happen. So far they have created a website where they are posting their research, which is based on interviews with local residents as well as the books and cemetery records that have been published by local authors. They are seeking more stories from our community about the family histories from the valley, so if you or someone you know is interested and has a story to tell, please visit their website at to contribute or just to take a look at their work. Another end-goal of this project is to restore the plot map at Cedar Grove cemetery using our laser printer to create a beautiful cedar board map.