The Blue Jay Recycling Project

For a while there we lost our recycling bins for the town of Mancos, and many have expressed disappointment in this. Well, they’re back, thanks to the efforts of the Four Corners Recycling Initiative and some help from our Blue Jays! Led by senior Blue Jay Kylie Guiles, an effort that began last year to support, practice and educate the recycling effort in the Mancos Valley has returned. In addition to our own campus recycling, students have recently installed signage on 4 of the 6 large bins that circulate around Montezuma County, and a fundraising/educational campaign is underway to help support responsible recycling in our region. Look for a secure donation tube--which will be fabricated by our welding students--at the site of the large bins, and an informational newsletter in the mail this Spring to help educate and fund this effort. If you have any questions or wish to donate, please contact this email address: