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Supporting Your Gifted Child In School

A successful partnership between home and school largely depends upon common knowledge, direct and honest communication, mutual respect, and focus on solution through shared responsibility.

  • See yourself as a contributor to enhanced learning.
  • Be willing to give your time and talents (not just complaints).
  • Be assertive, not adversarial.
  • Take time to say 'thank you' to your child's teachers and other school staff.
  • Develop rapport with your child's teachers.
  • Be respectful of the teaching profession... being a "know-it-all" will get you nowhere.
In the Classroom
  • Share your child's "at home" work and creativity at appropriate times.
  • Find a constructive reason to help in the classroom when appropriate.
  • Volunteer as a "teacher's helper" in the classroom, or work with classroom teachers to help organize curriculum-related field trips, guest speakers, and/or displays.
  • Volunteer or assist in other areas of the school such as media, computer, art, or front office.
  • Volunteer for "non-gifted" school activities to give balance to your purpose and credibility to your cause.