Project-Based Learning

Project-Based Learning for all Ages

Our Plan to Implement Project Based Learning


What is Portrait of a Graduate?

Portrait of a Graduate competencies and skills are best defined as character growth. We endeavor to nurture and elevate our students' confidence so they can find success in post-secondary life. 

Character growth will be accomplished in harmony with 1) academic, content-based growth and 2) our project-based and student-centered model -- with equal emphasis being placed on both.

In our model, students are actively engaged in, and therefore accountable for meeting standards, pursuing personal passions, and charting post-secondary possibilities.


Growth Mentality - Our graduates demonstrate grit and resilience in the face of challenges and are ambitious, confident, & possess the skills to become lifelong learners.

Problem Solver - Our graduates are creative and critical thinkers and are curious about the world, & seek to find unique answers to life’s problems.

Integrity - Our graduates adhere consistently to a set of core values that are evident in choices and behaviors & earn each other’s trust and respect through honest, principled behavior & take pride in producing high-quality work.

Civic Minded - Our graduates are active in their community and demonstrate that they care about others & appreciate diversity and maintain a global perspective when considering issues in our society.

Practical Skills - Our graduates understand how to manage their time, finances, and self-care - recognizing that these skills are key for success & know how to learn and use new technology responsibly and efficiently.

Team Player - Our graduates are comfortable and competent when collaborating with others & are able to give and receive critical and helpful feedback in order to accomplish a team goal

Portrait of a Graduate - Growth over Time