Food Services

We are excited to announce that “Healthy Meals for All” will be implemented in the Mancos School District for the upcoming 2023-24 school year. This means every student is eligible free breakfast and lunch ensuring that students will get two nutritious well-balanced meals a day through the school year. 

Important!!! The district participates in the National School Lunch program that is a federally funded program. Therefore, all federal meal regulations are still in place. One of the federal requirements is to collect income eligibility applications, which we have always done, to determine household eligibility. The healthy meals for all act is a state implemented program that was voted in as prop 44 in November 2022 and will provide funding to fill in the gap between what the federal program reimburses the school for meals and what the families would normally have to pay based on their household income. 

We are urging families to please fill out your Meal applications! This is an important document that helps determine our schools eligibility percentage. Many of the programs, grants and federal funding is determined by this data that is collected only through this document. This document is 100% confidential.  Applications are listed below and also available electronically by visiting

For more information contact your Food Service Director, Kacey Armes at or 970-533-7745.

 Meal Prices:

                New as of July 1, 2023 free meals for all students.

                Breakfast - Adults $2.00 

                 Lunch - Adults $4.00


If you are looking for a summer food program near you, click on this link and enter your demographic information. You will be directed to your nearest program.