• Updated procedures Dec 2023 * Secondary Attendance Procedures
  • Secondary Tiered Behavior
  • 2023-2024 Student Handbook Revised 9/24/2023
  • Two sections which received a major overhaul were attendance (pages 14-16) and discipline (pages 28-30). Please review.
  • Throughout the 2022-23 school year, Mancos secondary administration, with input from staff and students, will be working on a complete revision of our student handbook, as it pertains to the secondary schools. This process began in the Spring 2022 semester when students, teachers, and administrative staff met to discuss updates to our student dress code. You will see that the dress code and Code of Conduct section will be the first to have updates. We hope to follow a similar process, as much as time and schedules allow, to include as many stakeholder voices in the revision process as possible. The end result will be a student handbook that is, a) more student and parent-friendly (far fewer pages), b) based on and compliant with our district policy, but not verbatim policy language, and c) a clear picture of our operational procedures (vs. more broad district policy) so that there is a clear and explicit understanding of our classroom and campus expectations. Feel free to reach out to the secondary principal, Ed Whritner, with any questions about this process as it progresses.