Bus Transportation

~ NEW 23/24 ~ For the safety of our students and bus drivers, Mancos School District has installed cameras on all Mancos School District buses.

The Board of Education of Mancos School District RE-6 has authorized student transportation at the district expense with the following guidelines:

1. The District may furnish transportation to students who live beyond one mile of school.  Transportation may be furnished for shorter distances if dangerous conditions prevail.

2. Students must conduct themselves in a manner which permits and promotes safe transportation of all student passengers.

For students taking school bus transportation, the following documents will be adhered to:

Bus Rider Rules and Regulations

Bus Rider Discipline Plan

Bus Routes

Bus 1

  • Cherry Creek 
  • Echo Basin
  • Hwy 160 - Mancos to Cherry Creek
  • Road 42 
  • Mancos Valley Laundromat stop to service Trailer Park areas along Hwy 160

Bus 2

  • Road 39
  • Along Hwy 160 to Pueblo Community College
  • Pueblo Community College to serve Cortez riders
  • Road 34
  • Road 37
  • Cedar Mesa (bus picks up at the entrance)
  • Road H
  • Road G
  • Road 41 (south of the bridge) 

Bus 3

  • Hwy 184 to Summit Lake
  • Summit Lake Church to service Dolores riders
  • Road 40
  • Road 37
  • Road 35.9
  • Road P.5
  • Road p.6
  • West Menefee St. 
  • Angel Way
  • The Overlook Apartments