Elementary School Counseling

As a school counselor my goal is to design and deliver programs and interventions that improve student outcomes. This is done by working with students, staff, parents and outside agencies to promote equity and access for all students. 

I will deliver developmentally appropriate activities and services directly to students or indirectly for students through interaction with others. Direct services to all students are provided via character education classes twice a month. Direct services to in-need individuals includes learning regulation, communication, and a variety of social-emotional skills. I also respond to emergent behavioral needs to support emotional safety in the moment at school. This involves working closely with teachers and administration to provide coherent and consistent support for students; specifically working closely with the school principal and teachers to be sure all interventions align. Indirectly, I work with outside agencies to refer students for long-term support and find community resources for students and families. 

Nicholas Loeb

Elementary Counselor