Photo of Chyrise Bay

Chyrise Bay

Elementary Librarian/Technology Teacher

  • Call Chyrise
Photo of Martha Endres

Martha Endres

5th Grade Teacher

  • Call Martha
Photo of Cathy Epps

Cathy Epps

K-5 Principal

  • Call Cathy
Photo of Liza Eschallier

Liza Eschallier

Elementary PE & Elementary Gifted and Talented Teacher

  • Call Liza
Photo of Holly Figueroa

Holly Figueroa

Title 1 Reading Specialist

  • Call Holly
Photo of Staci Greenlee

Staci Greenlee

4th Grade Teacher

  • Call Staci
Photo of Nicole Gregersen

Nicole Gregersen

Kindergarten Teacher

  • Call Nicole
Photo of Alys Hansen

Alys Hansen

K-12 Art Teacher

  • Call Alys
Photo of Erica Holm

Erica Holm

3rd Grade Teacher

  • Call Erica
Photo of Blake Hughes

Blake Hughes

Elementary 1:1 Paraprofessional

  • Call Blake
Photo of Jo Jordan

Jo Jordan

1:1 Paraprofessional

  • Call Jo
Photo of Amanda Krupa

Amanda Krupa

Elementary Special Education Teacher

  • Call Amanda
Photo of Nicholas Loeb

Nicholas Loeb

Elementary Counselor

  • Call Nicholas
Photo of Jenny Lyons

Jenny Lyons

1:1 Elementary Paraprofessional

  • Call Jenny
Photo of Tina Maki

Tina Maki

Title 1 Paraprofessional

  • Call Tina
Photo of Laura McNeil

Laura McNeil

Title 1 Paraprofessional

  • Call Laura
Photo of Heather Mestas

Heather Mestas

Title 1 Paraprofessional

  • Call Heather
Photo of Alice Miller

Alice Miller

Elementary Administrative Assistant

  • Call Alice
Photo of Melodie Mitchell

Melodie Mitchell

Kindergarten Teacher

  • Call Melodie
Photo of Jennifer Paschal

Jennifer Paschal

1st Grade Teacher

  • Call Jennifer
Photo of Monica Ramirez

Monica Ramirez

2nd Grade Teacher

  • Call Monica
Photo of Kim Russell

Kim Russell

1st Grade Teacher

  • Call Kim
Photo of Andrew Saletta

Andrew Saletta

K-12 Music Teacher

  • Call Andrew
Photo of Shanti Savage

Shanti Savage

2nd Grade Teacher

  • Call Shanti
Photo of Kerisha Small

Kerisha Small

5th Grade Teacher

  • Call Kerisha
Photo of Tara Willburn

Tara Willburn

3rd Grade Teacher

  • Call Tara
Photo of Amanda Zufelt

Amanda Zufelt

4th Grade Teacher

  • Call Amanda