Elementary School People

Photo of Chyrise Bay

Chyrise Bay

Elementary Librarian/Technology Teacher

Photo of Martha Endres

Martha Endres

5th Grade Teacher

Photo of Cathy Epps

Cathy Epps

3rd Grade Teacher

Photo of Liza Eschallier

Liza Eschallier

Elementary PE & Elementary Gifted and Talented Teacher

Photo of Holly Figueroa

Holly Figueroa

Title 1 Reading Specialist

Photo of Staci Greenlee

Staci Greenlee

4th Grade Teacher

Photo of Nicole Gregersen

Nicole Gregersen

Kindergarten Teacher

Photo of Alys Hansen

Alys Hansen

K-12 Art Teacher

Photo of Brad Higinbotham

Brad Higinbotham

K-12 Student Advocate

Photo of Louis Horton

Louis Horton

K-12 ELL/DAC/6-12 GT

Photo of Amanda Krupa

Amanda Krupa

Elementary Special Education Teacher

Photo of Seth Levine

Seth Levine

K-5 Principal

Photo of Jenny Lyons

Jenny Lyons

1:1 Elementary Paraprofessional

Photo of Tina Maki

Tina Maki

Elementary Administrative Assistant

Photo of Jessica McIntyre

Jessica McIntyre

Math Interventionist

Photo of Laura McNeil

Laura McNeil

Elementary Dean

Photo of Heather Mestas

Heather Mestas

Title 1 Paraprofessional

Photo of Melodie Mitchell

Melodie Mitchell

Kindergarten Teacher

Photo of Jennifer Paschal

Jennifer Paschal

1st Grade Teacher

Photo of Monica Ramirez

Monica Ramirez

2nd Grade Teacher

Rebecca Roberts

1:1 Paraprofessional

Photo of Kim Russell

Kim Russell

1st Grade Teacher

Photo of Andrew Saletta

Andrew Saletta

K-12 Music Teacher

Photo of Shanti Savage

Shanti Savage

2nd Grade Teacher

Photo of Kerisha Small

Kerisha Small

5th Grade Teacher

Photo of Linda Unsworth

Linda Unsworth

Elementary Counselor

Photo of Tara Willburn

Tara Willburn

3rd Grade Teacher

Photo of Amanda Zufelt

Amanda Zufelt

4th Grade Teacher