Welcome Back to School 2022-2023!

Dear BlueJay Families,

The 2022-23 school year has landed with high energy, and everyone is enthused for the new school year!

The Mancos School District has grown its caring and expert staff with newly hired experienced teachers, paraprofessionals, bus drivers, custodians, and kitchen staff.  As a result, the Mancos School District is ready and prepared for a tremendous year of student learning, social-emotional growth, and warm partnerships with parents and the community – that is the Mancos Way.  

Through a school culture built on the love of learning, Mancos schools are on a path to becoming a  world-class learning institution, engaging students in a rigorous curriculum while supporting them at the individual level.  As a united school community, treating each other in a friendly and courteous way sustains the positive school culture reputation that Mancos School District has earned over many years.  This is only possible because the community affirms the value of educators.  

Jim Bryson said it well, Teaching is one of the most important jobs in our society because our society depends on educators to prepare students to move society forward.  Teachers are preparing them not for the ‘world of work,’ as some narrowly believe, but for the ‘work of the world’ that includes dealing with career issues, social issues, technological, legal, environmental, ethical, educational, economic, and political issues.  The world is a complex place, and educators have a duty to do their best to prepare students not only to master curriculum content but to master critical and creative thinking, effective communication, self-discipline, work habits, and the application of the knowledge capital that comes from student participation in learning.”  

At Mancos School District, our students enjoy hands on learning in a student-centric environment, imagining, and then creating projects in the classroom and in the community.  

I appreciate the Mancos school community and I am blessed to work with inspired professionals in a locale that can only be described as a paradise. You ‘Can’t Stop The Mancos Feeling’! (Just ask Justin Timberlake.)


Todd Cordrey
Superintendent, Mancos School District