Accountability Committee

Mancos School District Advisory Accountability Committee

An Accountability Committee is:

  • An advisory committee;
  • A potential public relations firm;
  • A group which reviews the District’s budget and makes expenditure suggestions to the Board of Education;
  • A group which reviews the district’s report card, and makes suggestions on how to improve each school’s rating;
  • A group which advises the Board of Education regarding school improvement plans;
  • A group which advises the Board of Education regarding student achievement;
  • A group which works with the District Administration to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

An Accountability Committee is not:

  • A mini board of education;
  • A group which evaluates district personnel;
  • A group which makes hiring or firing recommendations;
  • A policy making body.

Meeting Minutes

A member of the Accountability Committee reports on their last meeting at each Regular Board of Education Meeting, on the fourth or fifth Tuesday of each month.

October 25th, 2022 Meeting Minutes

Come Join Us

The District Accountability Committee will be forming in August. Contact for more information.