New for 2023-24

* Communication

Band App LogoThis year all coaches, both high school and middle school, as well as the athletic office will be using the Band App for the main communication tool with athletes and parents.

This will help make communication for teams and families be centralized across the district.

Make sure you get the app downloaded to receive notices from coaches and the athletic office. If you do not have a cell phone/device and can not access this app, please make sure your head coach knows so that they can use an alternative mode of communication with you or your student.

* Fees

In collaboration with relevant stakeholders, Mancos Athletics will be increasing sports fees this school year.  More details can be found here.


Upcoming Events


HS Girls BB @ Meeker

Start: Nov 30, 2023 End: Dec 2, 2023

Multi-Day Event

Meeker Tourney


HS Wrestling @ Moab

Start: Dec 1, 2023 End: Dec 2, 2023

Multi-Day Event