Strategic Plan 1A Monitoring Report: (drafted 5/16/23) Our district will use Project Based Learning to connect our students with professionals, and place students into our local businesses/organizations to provide authentic learning experiences.

Strategic Plan 1B Monitoring Report: (approved 10/21) Mancos School District will upgrade its website for easier access and usability.

Strategic Plan 1B Monitoring Report: (latest, approved 2/23)

Strategic Plan 1C Monitoring Report: (approved 11/21) Communicate regularly with town administration, local businesses, organizations, and staff regarding partnership opportunities.

Strategic Plan 2A Monitoring Report: (revised 1/18/23) Teachers will practice classroom management techniques and routines that support the needs of all students using Trauma-Informed practices and social-emotional learning.

Strategic Plan 2B Monitoring Report: (approved 11/22) Students will demonstrate emotional intelligence in their day-to-day interactions with adults and peers

Strategic Plan 3A Monitoring Report: (approved 3/22) Mancos School District grading will become standards-based, with formative and summative assessments aligned to district priority standards.

Strategic Plan 3A Monitoring Report: (latest, approved 09/22)

Strategic Plan 3B Monitoring Report: (approved 4/22) Mancos School District will implement a Portrait of a Graduate, student-centered model in all classrooms.

Strategic Plan 3B Monitoring Report: (latest, approved 2/23)

Strategic Plan 4A Monitoring Report: (revised 2/28/23) Teachers and students will utilize student assessment data to develop and implement individualized student learning plans. Mancos students will demonstrate mastery, or positive longitudinal growth, in reading and math by the end of 3rd grade. All teachers will encourage an interest and love of reading throughout a student’s academic career. 

Strategic Plan 4B Monitoring Report: (finalized 4/18/23) Teachers will use student reflections and projects to document individual student goals, strengths, and areas for growth.

Strategic Plam 4C Monitoring Report: (finalized 5/15/23) By using a student-centered model, Mancos students will have the opportunity to identify and pursue individual interests and talents. Students can demonstrate mastery of grade-level content through these academic pursuits.

Strategic Plan 4D Monitoring Report: (approved 08/22) Mancos School District will encourage and provide teachers with the opportunity to teach non-traditional areas of interest (i.e. coding, game design, robotics, etc.).