Board Linkage

One of the key responsibilities of the Mancos School Board is to engage our
constituents in the work of the school district. To achieve this, our board
developed an outreach plan to gather feedback from our community on the
future of our PreK-12 district. The board’s goals are to link and connect with a
broad base and provide them with an overview of the work our school district is
engaged in. In addition, seeking ideas and feedback is integral to the school
board’s mission.
During the 2022-2023 school year, the Mancos School Board embarked on a five-
month board linkage plan to connect with our constituents.
January: Mancos Public Library Board
February: Town Board
March: Mancos School District Student Group
April: Local Non-Profits
May: Mancos Valley Chamber Commerce
As community representatives, the Mancos School Board members know the
importance of two-way communication with internal and external publics to
reinforce the importance of strong relationships within the community and to set
the tone for school district accountability.
In future years, board members will decide how they will reach out to the
community and continue with the board linkage.

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